Climate Change
Fighting the Creeping Catastrophe
October 30, 2016
Dylan Brown ERGP
Green Party Candidate – DYLAN BROWN
May 9, 2017

We Should Treat Climate Change Like A Personal Illness

Melting Ice Cap

Melting Ice Cap

The Earth is not separate from your body, it is the medium that allows your body to exist and function.

An Article by Pauli Olavi Ojala

Full article can be found at the Huffington Post here.

We must apply the same thinking to climate change. Think of it as a rapidly progressing illness on the planetary body. The vast majority of scientists agree that carbon dioxide emissions are the “HIV” that is causing this. If it were your body, would you just wait for even more evidence and hope that the disease goes away on its own? Or would you look at the statistics that point to a high possibility of you dying, and conclude that it’s best to start treatments now?

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