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December 21, 2016

Green Party Candidate – DYLAN BROWN

Dylan Brown ERGP

Dylan Brown ERGP

Dylan Brown Green Party Candiadate 2017 General Election

Dylan Brown Green Party Candiadate 2017 General Election

DYLAN BROWN (born 7 August 1959) has been selected at a meeting of local Green Party members to stand as the Green Party’s Elmet & Rothwell candidate.

Dylan was born in Barnsley into a coal mining family. Having worked in several part-time jobs, he gained a degree in Economics and Politics. He had the opportunity to join the rail transport industry through their graduate training scheme, and worked his way up to management.

Despite having to travel extensively with his work, Dylan has been based in Micklefield for 26 years, where he and his wife have brought up their four children, and has served twice on the local parish council.

From his student days he had a passion for ecology and has been supportive of movements like Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth. After 32 years in the rail industry, he retired in 2015.

Dylan (aged 57) tells us:

My retirement has now allowed me once again the time to realize how bad things have become, and how vital it is to get involved in order to make things better.

My greatest, most immediate concern in the Elmet and Rothwell constituency is the continuing assault by the Conservatives on our public services; the NHS, Education and Social Care. Under the guise of ideologically-driven austerity, they are privatising what should remain as essential, publicly owned and locally accountable services.

A less immediate, but equally important, threat is Climate Change. If we do not play our part in achieving drastic CO2 emissions, the long-term consequences for our way of life will be severe.

If elected to be your Green Member of Parliament, I will stand up for the hospitals, schools and care services that are so vital to the people of Elmet and Rothwell. I will work with any party whose aim is to prevent the crippling or dismantling of our publicly owned services.

I will also work to make Elmet and Rothwell the greenest constituency in the country, through measures such as home insulation, installation of Photovoltaic Solar Power on domestic and commercial buildings, and infrastructure for electric vehicles.

In the 2015 election, the Green Party fielded its first parliamentary candidate in this constituency, and won 1261 votes*. Green Party candidates got more than the Lib Dems in two wards of last year’s local election (Harewood, plus Garforth & Swillington).**


To meet Dylan Brown or to question your local Green Party, contact Ali Aliremzioglu on

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